Power BI - Empty data source name and error refreshing azure datalake, and a power bi tip!

Recently I encountered some issues when loading data from an Azure Datalake Storage Account (ADLS) into Power BI.

Issue 1 
Refreshing the data source via Power BI service gives an error stating: "credentials are required to connect to the azuredatalakestorage source".

After contacting Microsoft Support it turned out that I used the wrong connection string, I used the container name in the connection string of Azure Datalake, e.g.: which is incorrect. When connecting to an Azure Datalake please use the following connection string:

Issue 2
The name of the Azure Datalake data source is blank when the Power BI file is published to Power BI service.

The name of the data source is blank as you can see in the screenshot below, the empty space just before the text "Referenties bewerken" should contain the name of the data source. In this case I would expect some value like:

This issue has been identified as a bug by Microsoft and they will work on a fix to solve this in a future release.

You can connect to a different Power BI environment (tenant) by adding the tenant id of the client in the url of Power BI service. Just simply enter the url below in the address bar of your browser and you will be asked to login to that tenant.

Of course you need an account which is authorized in the Azure Active Directory of the client's tenant, this could be an AAD account which is created by the client or your client could invite you with guest access so you can use your own AAD account.